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Finding great deals on the newest, most popular tech can seem impossible. When’s the last time you saw a sale on the latest iPhone model? Or a lower price on a Sonos speaker?

Most of us will just accept the high prices as the norm or wait until a newer model comes out and the product we really want is finally cheaper. The cleverest among us will buy used products instead.

Used tech definitely has a stigma attached — phones with cracked screens, laptops with outdated software, speakers plagued with audio issues. The reality of used tech is far from this negative connotation, and most of the time what’s considered “used” has never actually even been used at all.

Products that are considered refurbished and open-box fall under a wide umbrella, and most of them are in great condition. Maybe someone got gifted an iPad, but really wanted it in a different color. They return it, but since they’ve opened the box it can’t be sold as a new product — the price drops a bit, even though it’s in perfect condition.

Amazon Warehouse is a reliable place to scope out refurbished and open-box tech, and they have a really wide selection of products, too. Every appliance, phone, laptop, etc. that makes it into the Amazon Warehouse Deals section is inspected and given a detailed description so you know exactly what to expect. Every item has a 30-day return policy, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with a product you really don’t love. And, if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get the expedited, free shipping you know and love on any Warehouse deals you buy. From unlocked cell phones to Amazon devices to kitchen appliances and smart home gadgets, the selection of deals at Amazon Warehouse is too good to pass up.

Here are nine notable deals you can snag at Amazon Warehouse right now.

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